Friday, August 6, 2010

Perfectly Pointless Poems #1

The Course Overload series will be returning in the next post. Today, I have chosen to educate you with some delightful, classy poetry.

A Ninja is Waiting (4U)

It's true, it's true
a ninja lies in wait
just for you

You think you can run
you think you can hide
but that ninja
is right by your side

and you're gonna die
yes, you're gonna die

Eskimo Love

The Erotic Eskimo;
he likes his lovin'

One for J.J.

Swinging high above the sky scrapers,
he waits;
the sounds of city life
swirl around him
like the delicate scent
of an expensive perfume.

Clinging to a building,
he watches;
clouds just overhead,
the people look like ants
in some sort of giant,
smog-entwined zoo.
He's your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man;
watching over his home from the heavens,
and doing whatever a spider can.

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