Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Annual Shakespeare Festival Spreads Culture, Horror

The Bard
If the days of yore entice you, and kings and star-crossed lovers excite you, then take heed: The Pineville Shakespeare Festival is returning for its 87th season with productions of Macbeth and the Goblet of Fire and Twelfth Night II: Thirteenth Night through the end of the summer.

“We’re not simply continuing to do what we’ve done – however successfully – in the past, but that we’re embracing the future,” said the festival’s Founding Artistic Director, Brian O’Terrence. “It’s time for us to have what we’ve never had before: An inspiring home of our own.”

The home O’Terrence speaks of will be a massive pink tent located near the center of an ancient Native American burial ground in upstate New York. The tent will be made entirely of titanium and will feature rotating flame throwers at the top and rear of the structure, several sit-in machine gun cockpits, and a variety of exotic, dangerous animals from all over the globe, including crocodiles, sharks and a live T-Rex.

“This is going to be awesome,” said eight-year-old Billy, of Pineville Elementary School. “Especially the dinosaur.”

The T-Rex was unavailable for comment, but was quoted in a recent press release saying the reason he did not seize Billy was because he [the T-Rex] has “a big head, and little arms.”

To purchase tickets, call the festival’s box office at 555-7475. For more information, including exact show dates and times, visit the Pineville Shakespeare Festival’s webpage at http://www.pineville_shakespeare_t_rex_horror.org/.

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